Snoring is one of the diseases that are harmless but its presence is very disturbing for those who have it, not everyone is affected but everyone can experience it. we can eliminate snoring in many ways. but all the way should be at the start with discipline, remember to be disciplined, discipline and discipline. if we can eliminate it then our behavior will be good and away from the disease.

based on personal experience I can try the following and is taken from several sources which if necessary. remember the key is discipline and discipline me get out of the snoring problem. some ways I've ever done is:

For those who have above normal body weight should be vigilant in addition to snoring as well as many other diseases are on him again. With Excess weight, especially in the neck, will put pressure on the respiratory system, leading to partial reduction and snoring during sleep.

if you often snore while sleeping on your back then this must be done is you have to be converted into bed to sleep on his side. People will tend to snore when sleeping supine (head facing up), whereas sleep prone (head facing down) will make the neck and tortured breathing during sleep. Try to sleep sideways to pause snoring.

Immediately Treat Allergies
Allergies most people would have it, if it affects the respiratory allergy then immediately eliminate allergies, because allergies can cause chronic respiratory snoring by forcing the patient to breathe through the mouth during sleep. Taking an antihistamine before bedtime can help.

Using a Mouth Freshener
Physician or dentist may prescribe an anti-snoring mouth freshener that can cleanse the mouth while keeping the lower jaw muscles become more lax.

Smoking is a source of harm, so anything done to stop smoking immediately because it is very profitable for us. so, stop smoking as soon as possible. Smoking can harm the respiratory system that can ultimately make people snore.

Avoid Alcohol and Sleeping Pills
Alcohol and sleeping pills can suppress the central nervous system and relaxing the muscles of the neck and jaw, which makes people more likely to snore. Both substances are also known to cause sleep disorders sleep apnea, the dangerous condition associated with heart disease.

for those who have a habit of staying up, should be stopped if you want a fast snoring is gone, then enough sleep and regular sleep and wake up to stop the habit of snoring.

Elevating The Head of Sleep
the habit of sleeping without a pillow is a bad thing ever done by you as a sleep without a pillow would make the position of our heads will align and it will make a sound that sounds like the so-called snoring. With the head elevated may be releasing some pressure on the respiratory system, making breathing easier. Raise the head of the bed by placing wooden blocks under the bed or prop your upper body with pillows (not just the head, because it can actually inhibit breathing).

Consult a Doctor If You Are Pregnant and Snoring
for pregnant women try not to snore during sleep, sometimes some pregnant women snore. Snoring may occur due to increased body weight and hormonal changes of pregnancy cause the muscles to relax. Whatever the cause, snoring during pregnancy may reduce the quota of oxygen to the baby. Immediately consult a doctor if experiencing this.