Sabtu, 07 April 2012


Healthy Sleep Without Underwear

Sleep is a very important process for the body. When we sleep, all the body's repair process occurs. Researchers recommend that you use loose clothes or no clothes at all, so as to accelerate the body's performance in the repair process.

During sleep, your body will lean muscle. But there are other important processes that occur in the body when we sleep. During sleep the body repair and detoxification (removing toxins). Sleep also provides an opportunity for the immune system to produce hormones immunity (immune system).

For women, it is better to take off a bra while sleeping. Women who want to avoid breast cancer should wear a bra in the shortest time possible and preferably less than 12 hours per day. "The best time for the rest of the breast is sleeping without a bra. Never sleep with a bra," says Soma Grismaijer Australian researchers.

Using a bra for too long can increase the temperature of breast tissue, thereby increasing the hormone prolactin (hormone that functions to stimulate the mammary glands) are higher. This can affect the formation of breast cancer. In addition, by using a bra or a bra that is often too strict very harmful for health as it can also restrict the flow of lymph in the breast. Normally, lymph fluid washes and other toxic waste materials, and also remove them from the breast.



Healthy Sleep According to Age

Each person takes a different bed. The duration of sleep you need depends on their age. Therefore, not surprisingly, that babies sleep more than adults.

Want to know more about the sleep needs of infants and adults and their benefits, the following explanation, quoted from Yahoo Shine.

0-2 months of age
New baby reaches the age of two months, it generally takes 12 to 18 hours of sleep every day.

Ages 3-11 months
At this age, babies need time to sleep 14 hours to 15 hours per day, including naps. Times it is very important to their lives. Enough sleep will make the body and the baby's brain develops well and normal.

Age 3-5 years
In children before school age, they need time to rest sleep 11 hours to 13 hours, including naps. This is very important. Because, according to a study of children aged under five years of a lack of sleep, will affect the status of obesity in later life.

Ages 5-10 years
School-age children will take time to sleep 10 hours to 11 hours. According to the study, children who do not have adequate rest periods, can cause them to become hyperactive, not the concentration of learning, and having behavioral problems at school. Research has shown.

Age 10-17 years
He came of age through adolescence, they need daily sleep between 8 hours and 9 hours. Studies show that teens who get less sleep, more susceptible to depression, not focused, had poor grades, even car accidents.

Adults need time to sleep 7 hours to 9 hours each day. The doctors recommend for those who want to live healthy for applying these rules in life.

According to studies, people suffering from lack of sleep 1-2 hours every day or irregular sleep will increase your heart rate, blood pressure, and inflammation in the body and increase your appetite so that the risk of obesity.