Kamis, 03 November 2011


By: Rudi Sohidi
reducing snoring sleep

Snoring is very disturbing, especially for his partner who is always by his side during sleep. Can eliminate snoring fitness for both the patient and for his friends who sleep together. Snoring can reduce libido and it has been proven by several studies conducted by experts.

One cause of snoring is when the networks behind the esophagus, such as the tongue and palate intersect, vibrate and produce sound of snoring. In other cases, the intersection networks were able to directly remove the air supply into our bodies. This is called sleep apnea (sleep disorder with difficulty in breathing), the body is deprived of oxygen, which can damage your heart.

Need to be aware also that snoring is common in obese people that have a short neck level because there is the collection of fat that inhibits airway. But do not close the possibility for thin people can also snore sleep if they have a history of sinusitis, tonsillitis or other congenital sleep that can cause snoring.

There are several ways to eliminate snoring to sleep does not include:
1.      Do not consume alcohol and drugs – sedatives
Because by consuming alcohol and drugs - sedatives can make muscles become relaxed or relax the esophagus which can lead to snoring.

Usually snoring can occur in the supine position the tongue falling back during sleep, causing obstructed airway and sounds, so the fox sleeping position by tilting the body so that the tongue does not block the airway.

3.      Lose weight
People who have more weight or fat tissue in the throat too big so it will aggravate snoring sound vibrations. So losing weight is very effective to reduce this snoring.

Those are some things that can reduce your snoring during sleep, tell your friends your sleep if you sleep snoring bedmate then tell you to change your sleeping position.
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